How to enhance efficiency of hospitals with hospital software?

Cloudpital offering exclusive Hospital Software which is a comprehensive solution and a complete software solution and ready to use, Hospital Software designed to manage and automate all the activities of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare departments.

Hospital management Software offer countless services with their enhance technology and customizable features. High security featured software can keep the entire patient record including address, sexual category, age, drug sensitivity and much more. Software enhanced hospital revenue, appointment schedules and also maintains the stock of medicines.

Essential modules of Hospital Management Software

Outpatient management module

Cloudpital’s hospital management software offering exclusive modules, outpatient management module records and covers all outpatient information such as

  • Outpatient registration
  • Medical records of outpatient
  • Outpatient screening
  • Monitoring and other complaints of outpatients
  • Patient archives management

Inpatient management module

Hospital software offering exclusive infrastructure with advanced inpatient modules, inpatient management module manages record and covers all in-patient information such as

  • Inpatient registration
  • Medical record of In-patient
  • Clinical and hospital information
  • Administration information
  • Nursing notes
  • In-patient prescription
  • Drug sensitivity
  • In-patient archives management

Reporting module

Reporting module is the advance module of hospital management software which covers all individuals and summary reports. These reports are easily available for viewing and printing purpose for both administrations and patients.

List module

  • List module contains:
  • Patients list
  • Specialty list
  • Ward list
  • Consultant list
  • Charts
  • Billing list

Some exclusive reasons why healthcare provider choose hospital management software for better transformation

  • Cloudpital’s hospital management software trackdata over time and providing exclusive integration.
  • Software Categorizepatients who are due for precautionary visits and screenings
  • Hospital software offers exclusive monitoring features which monitor how patients measure up to certain constraints
  • Improvegenerally quality of care for enhance health services
  • Cloudpital’s healthcare analytics Software providing user friendly interface for doctors, patients, nurses, administration and other concerned people.
  • Software manages all hospital properties in single computerized platform.

CloudPital’s Hospital ERP Software offering very unique and customizable features with advance technology and special interface that is most important in all medical departments to enhance healthcare services. It allows healthcare providers to save time and money.

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